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Welcome to Crime Solicitor Legal Recruitment, offering personal & confidential criminal law job search services online to criminal solicitors seeking positions in the UK. We recruit for duty solicitors with the MCQ qualification (duty solicitor status), solicitors and barristers with higher rights of audience, VHCC Supervisors, Serious Fraud panel members, white collar crime specialists, in house advocates, police station accredited representatives and solicitors with or without the police station accreditation qualification (PSQ). We have specialist knowledge of criminal law jobs and have been assisting crime lawyers since April 2000. As ex-criminal defence solicitors and now specialist legal recruitment consultants, we have a good knowledge of law firms and potential roles for a criminal solicitor across the UK.

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Update December 3rd 2016: We saw the first "new contract savvy" vacancies coming in but it has now gone a bit quiet... A few new firms appear to be searching for crime supervisors to run their contracts. Firms are recruiting on the basis that you will need to be working for at least 2 days a week or 14 hours weekly for a firm so seek full and part time duty solicitors. We understand that the rota slots will be in the name of the firm rather than the duty solicitor but if we are wrong with this please let us know.

We have posted the relevant provisions from the 2017 crime contract for employment status of duty solicitors on the Ten Percent Legal Recruitment website - click here.

Drop us a CV over and we'll keep you posted with any roles coming in together with indicated rates.

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This is the current position so far as the new contracts are concerned (taken in part from

Contracts are going to be be awarded to all those meeting defined criteria, whether they hold a contract currently or not.

  • Mandatory criteria, eg professional standing, payment of taxes etc
  • Regulated by an appropriate professional body
  • Hold the SQM (at least passing a ‘desktop’ audit for new applicants) or Lexcel
  • Have an office meeting defined standards
  • Employ a full time supervisor (Criminal Investigations and Proceedings, Prison Law, Appeals and Reviews, depending on the area of law)
  • Meet a ratio of one supervisor to four other designated staff/caseworkers (six for prision law only)
  • Organisations wanting to expand duty solicitors by more than 50% or, where they currently have none, engage 10 or more duty solicitors need to submit additional financial information and their business plan
  • November 2016 – Outcome notified of application to tender
  • 12 December 2016 – Deadline to passs verification for inclusion on the rota from 1 April 2017
  • 23.59 13 January 2017 – Deadline to submit Duty Solicitor information and CRM12s
  • 28 February 2017 – Deadline to submit tender verification
  • 1 April 2017 – Contract start date

This presumably means that there is going to be a frenzy to recruit duty solicitors between December 2016 and 13th January 2017. It looks as if most firms are likely to have a go at recruiting just under 50% more than their current number of duty solicitors.

Sign your Duty Solicitor rota slots over to a crime firm in return for a monthly retainer - this is the new way of working for a lot of duty solicitors as margins get tighter and opportunities to make a living from criminal law get slimmer. Since all the UK political parties worked out that yet again an easy behind to kick is that of criminal defence solicitors, redundancy rounds took place in March-Sept 2013 and continued into 2014. Everything dropped off in 2015, but now since February 2016 we are back to slots, rotas and monthly retainers/part time hours (min 14 per week).

Rates have fluctuated somewhat but have been around £800-£1,000 per month in recent times for the bare minimum of by duty solicitors work plus either an hourly rate for anything in addition, plus 70-90% of your own callout work. Salary levels currently around £30-35k for a duty solicitor. Please register for the Duty Solicitor Rota Slot Shop by clicking here or email us your CV to Suitable for salaried duty solicitors, freelance duty solicitors and duty solicitors looking to sign their rota slots to a firm.

There is a guidance letter from the Legal Services Commission here detailing the minimum requirements for these types of arrangements a few years ago. The LSC (now the LAA) very kindly wrote to us - not sure how they got the time, what with all the other pressures, like rebranding, working out where next to chop rates and discussing their performance...

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